What a water test will reveal

When you think something is wrong with your water softener or some other part of your system, it is hard to tell exactly what is wrong with the system until we conduct a water test. The water test tells us if your system is not working properly. With the results of the water test we will know quite a bit about what is going on with the system. Your water softener for example should remove hardness from the water, if hardness is showing after the system we know something needs to be checked on the water softener. We will compare your original water tests or if you are a new customer we will take a water test from water coming out of your well or your municipal water source and compare it to the test we took after your system.

If your water source is municipal (city or county supplied water) we test for:

Hardness  (Total)







TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

We do not test for Hydrogen Sulfide on Municipal water sources. Hydrogen Sulfide is driven off at water treatment plants during the digester process and aeration. Generally, Hydrogen Sulfide will escape from the water source at the treatment facility before it reaches your home through many miles of piping. The containments we do test for give us a real good idea regarding the quality of the water coming in from the source. If any item of our testing is abnormally high we would recommend and refer you to a wide range laboratory test which has a small cost or advise you to contact your municipal water supplier. If your water test shows nothing out of the ordinary or the results are typical for your area, we will recommend an appropriate product to decontaminate and make the water truly drinkable.

Water that comes from a municipal water treatment source can contain a wider range of containments than well water and we believe a greater concern should be given to municipal water. There are certain contaminants that are tested for and remove or at least, reduced to a safe level by municipal water treatment plants and those contaminants are regulated by the EPA. The list of contaminants that are not regulated but are on the EPA's Contamination Candidate List is just as large as the contaminates that are regulated.

Recently the EPA released the following notice.

"NOTICE!!!! - Contaminants of Emerging Concern

What Are They?

Sometimes chemicals that had not previously been detected (or were previously found in far lesser concentrations) are discovered in the water supply. These chemicals are known as “contaminants of emerging concern” or simply "emerging contaminants." Emerging contaminants are important because the risk they pose to human health and the environment is not yet fully understood.

Pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PCPs) and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) are among the prime examples of emerging contaminants. Up to 90% of oral drugs pass through the human body and end up in the water supply. Personal care products (soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, etc.) also find their way into our water. Endocrine disruptors are substances that may interfere with the function of hormones in the body. Trace amounts of these contaminants are being discovered in water throughout the country. The U.S. EPA is working to improve its understanding of several emerging contaminants, including perchlorate, pharmaceuticals, PCPs and EDCs.

Should I be concerned?

With advances in testing and health research, experts are learning of new potential dangers in our drinking water. In many cases, the possible harms are not yet fully known.

How do I know if they're in my water?

Home testing for many newly discovered threats does not yet exist. In some cases, state laboratories can test for these contaminants or local professionals can provide water treatment to address them. Public health advocacy agencies and government bodies also conduct surveys to find some of these contaminants.

How can I prevent them?

To feel confident you are protecting yourself against contaminants, you should seek devices that have been rigorously tested and certified to independent standards. Experts in testing are constantly working to develop new standards to meet emerging threats."

We here at AquaTek are less concerned about each individual contaminant and more concerned with zero contaminants! We feel that a small amount of this contaminant and a small amount of that contaminant is unacceptable. Water is H2O (two atoms hydrogen and 1 atom oxygen), no other atom or molecule should be attached! Pure clean water is our goal for our customers and we have the filtration products to get it that way.


If your water source is a private well, we test for:

Hardness (Total)






Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur)

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)


Water coming from a private well has to be examined differently than municipal water sources and each well is different from another. A well in the west part of your county will certainly test different than a well in the east part of the county. One well may have a high amount of iron and hardness and another well may have a high amount of hydrogen sulfide with little hardness. Every customer on a well has to be closely looked at, from the well, to the entry point of the residence or business. All equipment in line, such as the pump, pressure tank and piping can have their own issue also.

Wells do not contain as many possible chemical contaminants as municipal treated water, but generally suffer from larger amounts of a few. Well water is typically harder than municipal water and can contain hydrogen sulfide or tannins from decaying underground plant matter. Salinity near the coastal areas can pose issues and nitrates if levels are too high can cause problems for small children (blue baby syndrome). Through testing, we can determine what filtration equipment you need.

It doesn't matter whether your water comes from a municipal supply or a private well. We have the technology, experience and knowledge (Tek) to help you enjoy clear clean water!

We can fix most major brands at a fraction of the cost other companies will charge you for the service call.

Over 25 years experience in the water filtration, conditioning and treatment field. We are always courteous and will tell you exactly what is wrong with your system.

Full maintenance check on your system! We will test your water and conduct a 28 point inspection of all your water conditioning equipment. You will receive the results of our water test and you will be able to access them at anytime by logging into your account on our web site, as well as, the results of the 28 point inspection. We can run a maintenance check on any brand of equipment including; Culligan, Fleck, Clack, GE, Kenmore, and Kinetico. You can contact us through our web site or call the number below.

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