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 Suppliers of Residential & Commercial Water softeners, Whole house filtration, reverse osmosis, pH rectifiers, UV Sanitation devices and other water filtration and water treatment Solutions



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Water softening equipment, carbon filters and water aerators.

We carry water softeners, whole house carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis systems, Pumps, Pressure tanks and much more!

We can also test and service your existing water equipment.

Residential, commercial and industrial filtration applications are what we do. You will find a solution for every filtration need in the AquaTek Pro line of equipment. Even the residential equipment in the AquaTek Pro Line, is professional grade. When you opt for professional grade equipment, you get performance, reliability and a warranty that is second to none in it's price range!

With over 28 years in the water purification field, Aquatek Pro Water Purification Company has a water purification solution for home or business. We offer a complete line of professional series water purification systems and components on the Treasure Coast of Florida from Melbourne to Jupiter and out to Okeechobee. If you have city water or well water, we will test your incoming water supply and let you know what equipment or water filters you need to remove the contaminants in the water supply. Contaminants can be found in both city water and well water but, both have specific requirements for removing the contaminants. City water, although treated by your local municipality, may contain a high amount of chlorine or other harmful contaminants picked up through miles of aging underground piping. Well water tends to be hard and in a lot of cases, can contain iron, tannins, manganese and in some areas of the Treasure Coast, Hydrogen Sulfide. All contaminants can be removed from your water supply with the proper filtration or water softening components.

As a dealer of some the finest, professional grade, water treatment and water softening systems in the industry, we specialize in custom assembled solutions; built with the best brand name components including Clack, Fleck, GE & Pentaire, that will meet the specific needs of each project. We help home owners and business professionals get the pure, clean water their projects demand.

We also carry a full line of Pro Chem products to maintain your water purification equipment and plumbing.

Are you tired of the rotten egg smell or do you have staining from rust in your water? Check out our aerator system that uses no chemicals and is one single unit that will save you a lot of money in extra pumps, chemicals and plumbing! The Aquatek Aerator is a stand alone system that will handle hydrogen sulfide and iron contaminants without any chemicals added to your water.

The estimates you receive are always for the best equipment in the industry which, comes with a full 5 year or 10 year warranty and free yearly maintenance checks every year during the warranty period, plus, all of our Pro line equipment is Made in the USA! Is our Pro line equipment out of your price range? No problem! We also carry water filtration and water softening equipment to match your budget.

Made in the USA!

Our Pro line products are
Made in the USA!


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Want to stop lugging bottled water from the store?

You can save hundreds of dollars a year
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Water Treatment and Purification Solutions

Aquatek Pro Water Treatment Product solutions are custom configured to meet your specific needs. An Aquatek Water Treatment Technician will visit your home to conduct a water quality test and site assessment that includes:

  • Testing Water Quality for Hardness (calcium & magnesium), Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) and Acidity (pH).
  • Assessing the results of water tested by an independent laboratory for microbial, organic, inorganic or mineral contamination or substances.
  • Performing a visual inspection of the homes plumbing and water consuming fixtures and appliances.
  • Determine your average water demand based on the number of people in the home and water consuming fixtures and appliances. Your water utility bill showing cu/ft used for the prior 3 months can also be used to determine your average water demand.

Your Water Treatment Professional will analyze the test results and make recommendations on the type and size of equipment that will best take care of your water quality problems which, will fit your lifestyle. Depending on the test results additional equipment such as a Water Softener, Iron & H₂S Filters, Whole House Filters, or Scale Control Devices may also be recommended. Whole house filtration is affordable and with quality equipment is a huge saving over buying bottled water which, can save you thousands of dollars every year!

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